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About Tesla Plates

  Available in Australia since 1997  


Swiss Tesla Plates are a high quality product. Made of specialised aluminium, they are thick and strong. The colour coating reaches deep into the aluminium, making them highly durable.

Swiss Tesla Plates are done to an original recipe pre-dating many others.  On top of that, the Swiss Tesla plates are logo-free, which means they are not imprinted with a designer name or symbol, keeping the end user free from any energetic attachment.  What you pay for is quality and peace of mind with a money-back guarantee.

More about Tesla Plates

Tesla plates are said to raise the vibrational state of energy in all living things, creating a harmonising field which affects everything positively. 

The plates are made of aluminium which is anodised through a process known as electrolytic oxidation. This changes the atoms and electrons of the aluminium in such a way that the plates vibrate in resonance with the fundamental energy (Chi, Prana, Organ) of the universe. 

Nikola Tesla himself used similar plates in several patents and called them antennae for free energy. The plates are said to work not only as antennae but also as transmitters.


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