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EMR & ELECTROSMOG  - Tachyon Large Black Tesla Plate

EMR & ELECTROSMOG - Tachyon Large Black Tesla Plate


Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm


For electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog pollution. More powerful than the smaller plate. To be put under computers, behind monitors or near wifi modems/routers in the house.



What is a Tachyon device?

The Tachyon device is a black Tesla Plate. Tachyons are faster-than-light energy particles without mass, mentioned and used by Tesla in the late 19th Century and physically verified by physicists in the 1960s. 

Tachyon energy is said to work on a subatomic level, by aligning molecular structures in a uniform manner; and in doing so, harmonising life energy. In disc or plate form, a Tachyon device harmonises electromagnetic radiation (EMR) given off by mobile phones and radiation emitting appliances.


The plates offered here are manufactured in Switzerland. They come in different sizes, forms and colours, for different purposes.

Color: Black
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